Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (4)

‘The essential indulgence garden’, designed by Raine Clarke-Wills and Chris Holland.

This garden, which was my favourite, has been designed for self-indulgence and has an opulent, contemporary style. It has been created as a gift of pure pleasure for its owners and is a taste of extravagance.

All elements of this particular garden worked well with each other; the planting, the hard landscaping and the effective use of structural planting in the garden.

My only concern with the design of this garden was the positioning of the main seating area in the centre of the garden. Personally, I would have sited the seating area in the top left hand corner overlooking the whole garden.




One response to “Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (4)

  1. I’m delighted you enjoyed the garden so much. I just wanted to clarify why positioning the seating area in the centre, was so important in this garden. The seating acted as a pedestal for the clients, allowing them to congratulate themselves for their own professional acheivements……to be on a raised centrepiece, completely surrounded by their essential indulgence.


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