Monthly Archives: February 2013


Dogwood massacre…


Time to cut the beautiful coloured stems of dogwoods (Cornus) right down. The new growth will then keep the vibrant colours for next winter and spring.


All change…


Something in the garden is changing colour. Watch this space for more details.




Carol Klein – New Book


Just ordered Carol Klein’s new book ‘Wild Flowers’.

Published 28 February 2013.


Great read…


I’m currently reading Monty Don’s ‘The Ivington Diaries’ which is a collection of Monty’s diary extracts over a five year period.

What strives me, in particular, is Monty’s ability to take the vagaries of life, nature and gardening in his capable stride, shrugging off floods, storms and gardening ‘failures’ as ‘just one of those things’!

A delightful read, full of inspiring ideas, plant suggestions and lessons in life.

Buy it! You’ll not be disappointed.


Aeonium ‘Swartzkop’


I took these beautiful cuttings in August last year from a clients plant. They should, ideally be taken in spring, so it goes to show that rules are there to be broken. These were potted up today into a John Innes No 3 potting compost with 50% horticultural grit. These stunning plants will be planted outside in the summer…

Check back here later to see how they’ve grown.


Fence painting…


First post of 2013 and the new year holds the promise of opening our garden, for the first time… ever. The opening will be for family, friends and clients. We haven’t decided upon when; it might be just the once (probably best given we’re open garden virgins), but more than once is still tempting.

Whichever we decide, there is a shed-load of work to be completed, starting with fence-painting. Luckily, I find this somewhat therapeutic and as I write there are just four panels left…