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Contain Your Excitement


For small courtyard gardens, patios or indeed anywhere where it’s not possible to have a conventional garden, containers are invaluable.

These containers outside the back door have been planted with a collection of perennials, annuals and grasses. They’ll last until late autumn, when the annuals will be replaced with spring bedding and bulbs.

Containers are easy to care for but watering is a must as they are prone to drying put quickly in the summer months especially.


Delightful Digitalis

I first fell for the perennial foxglove (Digitalis x mertonensis) when it was included in a Luciano Giubillei Chelsea Show garden several years ago. It was planted in swathes alongside Stipa tenuissims and the beautiful allium nectaroscordum siculum.

A week after that Chelsea discovery, I found mertonensis growing in a partially shaded woodland garden belonging to a friend. Seeds were taken, with permission, I hasten to add and this beautiful addition is the result.

Digitalis are usually short-lived perennials forming a rosette of simple leaves with bell-shaped flowers in slender, erect, usually one-sided racemes. D. × mertonensis is a semi-evergreen, clump-forming perennial to 75cm, with dark green leaves and long, erect spikes of crushed raspberry tinted flowers.

Needless to say this beauty will be a regular in the garden…



Sunday shots…

Some much anticipated warmer weather, and yes, eventually(!), clear blue skies and the re-appearance of the big, bright gold thing in the sky and the garden is beginning burgeon.





King Cone


These beautiful cones look almost unreal in this Picea.

Mother Nature truly is wonderful…


Crazy Daisy…


These Erigeron karvinskianus flower prolifically from May to October and look great. They’re ideal for a hot, sunny border or a gap in a wall.

One word of caution, however, they self-seed like Billy O!


Is this the most beautiful Paeony ever…?



Opposites Attract…


This plant combo caught my eye today. Opposites sides of the colour wheel, acid yellow/green and a deep purple/blue complement each other perfectly!