Back garden

This is my back garden, measuring approximately 12m x 12m.

It’s surrounded by Oak, Silver Birch and Pine trees which provides for a beautiful, secluded woodland garden.  The surrounding trees, however, mean a lot of the garden is dry and shady, the mention of which has most gardeners running for the hills!

I’ve not really had a problem with the dry shade areas and have found numerous plants which have thrived in the garden.

As a passionate gardener, plantsman and designer, I get to visit a lot of gardens, so I’m always coming home with a list of new plants I want to try and new planting combinations.  As such, it would be fair to say the gardens (both back and front) are in a permanent state of ongoing change.

In future posts, I’ll walk you around the garden and detail the (many) plants I have used and will keep your updated on new ideas and plans.


8 responses to “Back garden

  1. It’s a beautiful garden, the curves are really pleasing and the planting gives a lot of depth and texture. At bench is asking to be lazed upon!


  2. Hi Mike,
    thank you for visiting and following my blog that you’ve brought me to your own blog. you have a really lovely garden, front and back. I will surely visit your blog many more times for updates and tips. btw, do you also grow vegetables in your garden?


  3. A beautiful dream-like garden. Virginia


  4. jim Brodmerkel

    Guyz! Love the new site! Best…Jimmy


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